Collection: Molino Quaglia (Petra)

BrickOvenBaker is proud to partner with Molino Quaglia to make many of its incredible flours accessible to all customers in the United States and Canada.

Petra is the flour brand from this highly esteemed mill. These flours are carefully selected and slowly milled, by stone or cast iron cylinders, to preserve all the flavor and aroma of the wonderful wheat they are made with.

We offer a wide selection of Petra flours:

  • Petra 3 - a versatile stone-ground flour, great for bread, pizza, focaccia of all kinds
  • Petra 9 - stone-ground whole wheat flour with high mineral content and rich flavor
  • Petra 0102HP - a best seller / hugely popular and versatile 'Tipo 1' pizza flour
  • Petra 5063 - AVPN approved, perfect for traditional Neapolitan pizza
  • Evolutiva - from 100% organic, preserved ancient grains grown in Sicily
  • 0001 Gluten Free - all the performance, none of the gluten
Molino Quaglia (Petra)