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Molino Quaglia

Petra 0102HP Pizza Flour

Petra 0102HP Pizza Flour

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Experience the rich aroma of wheat with Petra 0102HP Pizza Flour, featuring type 1 soft wheat flour made from partially sprouted wheat. The delicate cylinder milling process preserves the sensory characteristics of the grain, while the controlled germination technique, the result of five years of research by Petra Molino Quaglia, guarantees optimal dough fermentation for perfectly crispy and light products. 

Petra 0102HP is one of the most versatile flours available. Ideal for all types of pizza, breads, focaccias. It particularly shines when preparing roman-style pizza.


  • Tipo 1 flour from 100% Italian grains
  • W: 320-340
  • P/L: 0.55-0.65 
  • Protein content: 13.2%
  • Supports up to 80% hydration

For further information, please refer to the spec / data sheet.

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Customer Reviews

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Raymond T.
What a hidden gem!!!

Wow- I thought I would never switch away from Caputo, but this flour is the real deal. It mixes perfectly and I have been using it for so many different t products with great success. I would give 10 stars if I could, I hope you will continue to carry this product