About BrickOvenBaker

A Family Run, Small Business, Helping You Make Awesome Pizza

Pizza is delicious fun, and we want to connect people with great products to make it more delicious and more fun.

We also discovered that people who make pizza are fun people. We appreciate getting to serve a great group of people.

We work hard to do things right, providing you with great products at fair prices. We're happy to go out of our way to help you make great food and to get you the tools that work for your situation.

We'd love to hear from you, whether you have a suggestion, or just want to say hello.

Contacting Us

An email to info@brickovenbaker.com is the best way to reach us. You can also use the form below. We tend to get back to customers quicker by email.

Our phone number is 888.379.1354 (toll free), though being a small business, we're not always near a phone and usually have our hands full with getting orders packed, products unloaded and sorted, printing labels, and twenty other things...

If we don't answer, leave a message with all the details we could possibly need to get you a helpful call back. Name, order number, a clearly spoken email address that we can research the issue and call you back with solutions. Giving us your email also helps us confirm your order and, occasionally outside of business hours, we do check email and might fire off an email to you at odd hours.

Order Confirmations

When you place an order, you will receive an email confirmation of the order. So be sure you provide an accurate email address. If you don’t see the order confirmation, check your SPAM filter or junk email folder. If you can, put our email address or domain on your trusted list so that you won’t miss our emails. If you don't see a confirmation or didn't get an order number at the end of your checkout experience, it's possible that you saw a summary of your cart and billing information and didn't confirm at the end. If that's the case, your items should hopefully be in your cart still.


In most cases, orders will be shipped within 1 business day, occasionally 2. Time in transit will be 1-5 business days for most shipments in the US.

We do our best to ship your orders promptly and to maintain all items in stock. But as a small, growing company, please understand that there will be times when an item may be on back-order. When this happens, we will contact you to let you know if there will be a delay and you can choose whether you want to cancel the item or leave it on back-order so that we will ship it as soon as it becomes available.

When the items ships, you should receive a tracking number via email. If you don’t see this, be sure to check your SPAM/junk mail folder again. If you still don’t have this within a few business days of placing your order, email info@brickovenbaker.com or use the form below to inquire about the shipment and please provide an order number and full name to assist us in looking up the order.

International Shipping

In most cases, no, we don't do International shipping.

The items we sell tend to be extra heavy, or oversized and exceed allowable dimensions for using affordable postal rates between countries. Canada is a possibility. Most other countries are not. We'll work on finding other ways of shipping internationally down the road, but right now, we are focusing our efforts on growing so that we can explore these options.

Special Needs Shipping

If you need something FAST and you’re in the US, we can try to expedite your order and give you a quote on expedited shipping if necessary: Mail us at info@brickovenbaker.com with what you need and when you need it by. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with possibilities.

A Short History

Starting with Gary building an oven, we became a small family business for fun and independence. Gary and Tina had about 60 years combined experience in retail, and Greg and Mark different types of experience in other realms.

We all agree that we love pizza, and food in general. We mostly grew up around Italian influences when it came to food, and especially food around the holidays, and we live only 25 minutes from some of the greatest pizza in the US.

BrickOvenBaker has been supplying high quality pizza making ingredients and tools, along with some pasta and bread making products, since 2009.

We take good care of people, whether they are running a wood fired pizzeria, a home owner with a back-yard oven, mobile wood-fired oven businesses, or just the enthusiast in their kitchen at home.

We started with Antimo Caputo 00 flour, San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes, and have added pizza peels, other pizza tools, and a few things for the bread bakers and pasta makers who appreciate getting the best ingredients and making things by hand. Who knows where we'll go with this next?