Collection: Caputo Flour

Here at, we offer a variety of 00 Flours from Antimo Caputo in Naples, Italy. Widely regarded as both the most highly refined flour and best blend of grains, you will taste the difference.

00 (double zero, zero zero, double "oh", tipo doppio zero). The Italian numbering scheme refers to how refined the flour is. The more refined it is, the lower the extraction rate. An extraction rate of 100% would be a whole grain flour, which includes all of the bran and other outer parts of the flour. The lower the extraction rate, the less of the outer portion of the wheat ends up in the flour. The more refined 00 flour is also a more finely ground flour.

We are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Caputo 00 flours developed for specific purposes:



Caputo 00 Pizzeria


Ideal for pizza in a wood-fired oven. Handles up to 900°.


Caputo 00 Rinforzato


Variation on pizzeria 00 flour. More protein will give you a chewier crust.


Caputo 00 "Extra"


Lower protein variation than pizzeria 00. A good choice for bread, pizza and Italian Confections.


Caputo 00 Pizza a Metro


Specially blended for Roman and Sorrento style pizza. Good for use up to 700°.


Americana Style Pizza 00


Caputo blended this flour to pay homage to New York-style pizza. This blend is ideal for making pizza in a conventional oven with a maximum temperature between 500° and 600°.


Caputo 00 Pasta e Gnocchi


The name says it all. Use this flour for pasta and gnocchi.


Caputo 00 "Chef's" Flour


Very high protein content with 13.5%. Recommended for pizza, bread and pasta.


Caputo Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata


A durum semolina flour instead of a 00, but it is re-ground and finer than most other semolinas. Unless you know what you are doing we recommend blending this 50-50 with Caputo 00 Pasta e Gnocchi for making pasta at home.


Caputo FioreGlut, Gluten Free Flour Mix


This is a gluten-free alternative for pizza makers. Caputo designed the FioreGlut to make crust as close to the pizzeria 00 as possible for those that can't eat gluten.