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Award-winning Pasta Madre Sourdough

Award-winning Pasta Madre Sourdough

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Imported from Italy and maintained by one of Italy's most acclaimed pastry chefs, this decades-old Pasta Madre Sourdough starter boasts a lower acidity than traditional sourdough. It's perfect for Panettone, Pandoro, and a variety of baked goods (we use it in our breads, and Roman-style "pizza in teglia"), this stiff sourdough will elevate your sourdough baking skills. 


  • Imported from Italy's most famous Pasticceria
  • 43-44% hydration
  • Exclusively fed and maintained with our Panettone flour from Molino Pasini
  • Freshly-fed before shipping, we recommend feeding it again as soon as you receive it
  • It comes with 100 grams of pasta madre, 100 grams of Molino Pasini Panettone flour for your first feeding, and instructions for maintenance
  • We recommend this product for intermediate and advanced bakers
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