GI.METAL Rectangular Perforated Pizza Peel (Azzurra line)

GI.METAL Rectangular Perforated Pizza Peel (Azzurra line)

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This rectangular peel has small oval laser cutouts that reduce resistance while sliding pizza off the peel and into the oven, making it far easier to successfully get your pizza into the oven and cooking in no time. Various size handles keeps your hands safe from the heat. Choose the length that works best for your oven. It's made from an aluminum alloy for sturdiness and a lightweight feel. White anodized head. Light blue anodized handle.

No cornmeal or excessive flour needed. Eliminates the bitter taste from burning raw flour. Keeps your oven cleaner.

This is the tool to get the pizza in the oven - easily. Just dust the peel with flour, shake it off, slide it under the pizza and into the oven it goes. Easily slips out from under the pizza. 


Made in Italy

Sizes available:

  • Peel Width: 13", 14", 16", or 18"
  • Handle Length: 23", 47", or 59"