Antimo Caputo 00 Americana Pizza Flour

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If you are making pizza in a conventional oven, then your oven probably tops out at about 500-550 degrees. This flour has been blended from different wheats, but most importantly it includes a certain amount of malted wheat. By malting wheat before blending and milling, some of the sugars in the wheat are developed. This improves the browning of the crust in lower temperature ovens conventionally found in a home kitchen.

If you have been using the Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour in your home oven, but noticing that the crust comes out on the lighter side, give the Americana a try. It is still a 00 flour, and it is a popular flour.

Some additional history for those who used or heard about Caputo's New York Style 00 pizza flour and came here looking for that: In 2015, Caputo introduced New York Style and it was a hit. Later that year, Caputo flew a handful of US pizza makers to Naples to tweak the formula and the result was renamed as the 00 Americana pizza flour.

It is in almost every way, the same as the New York Style flour. The malted wheat content has been bumped up just slightly in the Americana, and the name has changed. Aside from that, the bag looks the same and it still makes an optimal pizza in lower temperature ovens.

Caputo 00 Americana is:

  • Additive free
  • Milled slowly for optimal water absorption
  • Blended from select wheat varieties on the Italian & European market
  • Milled specifically for use at temperatures between 500-600° Fahrenheit