Neapolitan Pizza honored by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity!

Pizza, true Neapolitan pizza made by a pizzaiuolo has been recognized by UNESCO for it's cultural value. We are talking about pizza from its birthplace and made just as it has been for centuries. There are no fancy toppings here, definitely not any trendy toppings and even relatively common ones like pepperoni don't make the cut. There are only two pizzas declared authentic by UNESCO, the marinara with tomato, oil, oregano and garlic; and the margarita which adds cheese and basil to the former.

The steps that the pizzaiuolo must follow are: make the dough with water, flour (we recommend Antimo Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour), salt and yeast; let the dough rest and rise for 12 hours; next form the dough into balls and store in a proofing tray; when the dough is well-rested stretch it into a circle; at this point add toppings; and finally place the pizza into an oven and rotate with a pizza peel so it cooks evenly. 

This recognition truly shows how special Neapolitan pizza is. If you can't make the trip to Naples, our Napoli Pizza Maker Combo will bring a little piece of Naples to you.

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