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Stackable Aluminum Dough Pan Kit

Stackable Aluminum Dough Pan Kit

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A reliable, low cost kit that includes

  • Two light-weight, aluminum dough proofing/retarding pans that stack, and
  • One cover to cover the top pan.

Each pan holds one dough ball and you can put put them in your fridge to let them sit overnight, letting the dough develop some flavor. The pans stack so that each one is sealed by the one on top. You only need a pan cover for the top pan in your stack.

When you're ready to use the dough, remove them from your fridge and bring them to your work area to get to room temperature. As you use each dough ball, the rest stay sealed in their pans until you unstack them, so the others sealed below don't get exposed until you're ready to work with them. It prevents the dough from drying out or being exposed to other elements

Also available individually, you can get the pans and the cover.