Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight up to 550°C or 1022°F - Battery Included

Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sight up to 550°C or 1022°F - Battery Included

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Are you using your hand as a temperature probe, using the pain level to gauge how hot your brick oven is?

Now you can keep a safe distance and get a much more accurate reading using a non-contact, infrared thermometer.

Point and Click Infrared Detector

Simply point at the spot that you want to measure, pull the trigger and 1/2 a second later the digital readout will tell you the temperature with a +/- 1.5% accuracy. It can be set to report the temperature in °F or °C.

It's compact, rugged and easy to use and makes it safe to measure your blistering hot oven without getting too close. Optics in the device can sense emitted and reflected infrared (heat) energy which collect on the sensor, which translates that energy into an electrical signal which is measured and displayed on the LCD readout on the back of the device.

A built in laser pointer can be turned on to aid in more precise pointing.

It measures between a wide range of 0 to 1022°F (-18 to 550°C). You'll know when your oven is ready to accept pizzas or bread. You can even use it to make sure your wine or martinis are at the optimal temperature. And if you have to many to drink, you can use this device to tell whether that person that you're suddenly getting interested in is really hot or not.

Sturdy plastic casing is a bright yellow-orange so it's easy to find, and it has a black rubber non-slip grip.

Other Important Details

  • Infrared detector range of -58 to 1022°F (-50 to 550°C)
  • Back light for the LCD readout, on/off selectable
  • Temperature resolution of 0.1°
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Auto-power off & Data hold
  • Laser on/off selectable
  • Powered by a standard 9-volt battery (included)