GI.METAL Rectangular Perforated Pizza Peel GHA

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These are very special versions of the GI.METAL pizza peels. GHA stands for Golden Hard Anodizing.

Golden Hard Anodizing is a process that uses silver ions in the anodizing process (not actually gold), but it gives these peels a beautiful gold-like finish.

The benefits of a GHA peel:

  • Less friction
  • Very high antibacterial properties
  • Higher resistance to corrosion

Like the regular GI.METAL perforated peels, these are constructed with aluminum anodized handles and are sturdy.

The perforations also reduce resistance and reduces the need for excess flour or cornmeal to get the pizza to slide into the oven. This also eliminates the bitter taste from burning raw flour and keeps your oven cleaner.

Also available, the GHA Rectangular Perforated Peel.