GI.METAL Copper, Brass and Tin Oil Cruet

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This oil cruet is the perfect accompaniment to your pizza-making work space.

Olive oil bottles or cans that your oil comes in when you purchase the oil is fine when you need to pour oil out. But you don't want to pour oil onto your pizza; you want to drizzle the oil carefully. If you've ever tried to drizzle oil from the manufacturers bottle or can, and ended up with a heavy glug-glug-splash, then you need a cruet. A cruet will let you drizzle oil on your pizza so that you don't drown it.

It comes in three sizes (choose the size you want above), Approximately 1-pint, 2-pint and 3-pint (1/2 liter, 1 liter, 1 1/2 liter).

They are hand-made from tin (on the inside) and lined with copper and brass for a traditional look.

The pieces are soldered together, by hand, and adds to the overall rustic, handmade look. These are not perfectly created like clones. Imagine these as being the type that Italians would be using in the centuries before automation in manufacturing started putting out cookie cutter cruets. Consider their imperfections as charm.

Remove the top for filling. Do not fill to the top; if you do, you might find that you initial pours cause oil to drip down the spout more than drizzle out. We recommend filling to 1/2 - 3/4 of full capacity.

Made in Italy. These particular cruets are not manufactured by GI.METAL, but they are distributed by them.