GI.METAL Round Perforated Pizza Peel (Azzurra line)

GI.METAL Round Perforated Pizza Peel (Azzurra line)

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This is the round version of GI.METAL's professional perforated peel. Small oval laser cutouts reduce resistance while sliding pizza off the peel and into the oven, making it far easier to successfully get your pizza into the oven and cooking in no time. The perforations also allow excess, flour or cornmeal from your work surface to fall through, and stay on your work surface to avoid going into the oven with the pizza.

Various size handles keeps your hands safe from the heat. Choose the length that works best for your oven. It's made from an aluminum alloy for sturdiness yet light weight. Has a white anodized head that and a blue anodized handle. The anodized surfaces reduce friction so that your pizza doesn't grab onto the surface and your hands slide smoothly over the handle.

No cornmeal or excessive flour needed and what excess there is falls through the perforations back onto your work surface. Less burning raw flour or corn meal in the oven keeps the bitter taste of burnt flour away.

Made in Italy