Wall-Mounted Anodized Aluminum Peel Rack

Wall-Mounted Anodized Aluminum Peel Rack

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When you invest in a top-quality GI.Metal pizza peel, make sure you take care of it when you aren't using it. Made from the material used in satellites and skyscrapers, the Anodized Aluminum Peel Rack will make an attractive, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly home for up to two of your pizza peels.

Keep your peels out of the way and safe from damage with this anodized aluminum peel rack.

From the Aluminum Anodizers Council:

Anodized Aluminum:

  • Protects satellites from the harsh environment of space.
  • Provides attractive, minimum-maintenance, highly durable exteriors
  • Considered environmentally safe, producing few, if any, harmful effects on land, air, or water.

(Screws not included.)

Made in Italy