Antimo Caputo 00 Pizza A Metro Flour

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Caputo came up with this flour around 2014, for a style of pizza common around Rome and Sorrento, called "Pizza a Metro." That is, pizza by the meter. A thicker crust pizza, usually made on a rectangle that is about a meter long.

You don't have to make that style of pizza with this flour. You can use this to make focaccia, schiacciata, thick crust pizza, and other breads.

Caputo came up with this proprietary blend of wheat specifically for temperatures under 700°F.

Wood-fired ovens are often 900° and up. While the Pizzeria 00 is ideal for that kind of heat, Pizza a Metro works great at the lower temperatures. If you are making pizza at even lower temperatures, like a conventional home oven, then check out the 00 Americana flour.

Protein content is 13.25% (+/- 0.50).