GI.METAL 8-inch Turning Peel  47-inch Handle (Amica Line)

GI.METAL 8-inch Turning Peel 47-inch Handle (Amica Line)

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This is the solid version of the turning peel, and is identical in every way to the perforated turning peel, but the head does not have the starburst perforations cut into it.

Some call it a small round peel, a banjo peel, but we call it a turning peel because this small peel is used for turning the pizza in your wood fired brick oven.

Used primarily to turn a pizza in place, or to relocate the pizza in the oven which is necessary when you're cooking with a fire in the oven. The crust closest to the fire is going to brown first, so you will want to rotate the pizza. If you've had your hands close to the opening of your oven, you know how hot they can be. So the technique that you often see in pizza places with cooler ovens where they move the pizza out towards the edge of the oven, spin the pizza by grabbing the crust and turning it and then pushing the pizza back in... well... that's not going to cut it.

It can also be used for removing your breads, sandwiches, or other small items from the oven.

Made in Italy for enthusiasts with wood-fired ovens.