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You like to make pizza at home because you can make it better than any of your local pizzerias. Maybe your passionate enough to have built a wood-fired brick oven in your backyard, or you're dedicated to finding innovative ways to perfect pizza in your home oven.

So you want the best ingredients and high-quality tools because you're not messing around. You know that Caputo 00 flours are the best for making pizza by a wide margin (or you are about to learn that). Great tools for working with pizza and your oven increases the fun and satisfaction with the hobby.

Maybe baking Italian loaves, baguettes or boules is your idea of weekend entertainment. We've got that covered too.

Quality products aren't all you need; Great customer service matters to you, as does supporting small family businesses.

You should know that we supply some of the best pizza restaurants, but our specialty is helping the home pizza makers and bakers. We stick with you to make sure you're enjoying the experience, and the products we sell are exceeding your expectations.

So about saving dough... yes, actual money...

We sell some of our products on popular big marketplaces. If you found us there, that makes us happy. But did you know that selling on other marketplaces, like Amazon, has significant extra costs? They also want you to stay their customer, and they put up roadblocks which prevent us from giving you the best experience with restrictive policies

When you buy directly from BrickOvenBaker.com, we don't have those higher costs of doing business, and we want to pass the savings on to you.

And with a direct relationship with you, we can communicate freely and try to help you in the best ways possible, being able to direct you to the information you need or to suggest products that might suit you better.

Most of our customers who have worked directly with us keep coming back and rave about how we are easy to work with and that we go out of our way to assist and accommodate. And we want you to have that kind of experience.

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