Do You Have a Store Where I Can Pick Up Items? is our only store, and it is online. Our physical presence is an office and shipping warehouse.

We do our best to accommodate local buyers, but since we are not a store at our location, we don't have a showroom and sales staff to perform the traditional brick and mortar store tasks.

If you are determined to pick up, here is what we recommend.

  1. Purchase the products you want on our website. During your checkout...

  2. Use the coupon code of GUILFORD. Orders placed this way are tagged in our system as a pickup.

  3. Immediately follow up with us via an email to and let us know when you want to come by to pick up your product and we'll make sure we know you're coming and that we'll be here for you at that time.

  4. We'll get your order together before you arrive if need be, and we can hand it off to you so you can be on your way.

Some of our products include flat rate shipping, and we will make any adjustments after you place the order.

You enter the Coupon Code GUILFORD once you go into the checkout. On a larger screen, it's the Discount field on the right, next to the Apply button. On smaller devices, you may need to click on Show Order Summary to display the Discount field.

50% of Customers Change Their Mind When They Realize This:

While customers that live nearby and are in town don't mind doing a pickup while doing errands, we've had a lot of customers that live 30 minutes or more from our warehouse.

We encourage people to think about the time they have to put aside, the effort of driving, the cost of gas, and what else they can be doing with the freed up hour or two of their time, to save what might be only $10-18 in shipping. UPS or the post office is perfectly happy to pick up your package for you and drop it right off at your front door. Sometimes that convenience as well worth the shipping cost.

So, be sure you weigh your options with those economies in mind.

Thank you! We appreciate the chance to serve you.

We like our customers very much and want to be social, but pickups can be a disruption to our work. Please don't be too offended if we appear to be friendly, but aren't in a chatty mood. We have more work than we have people, so we're pressed for time most days.

Thanks for considering all of this and let us know how we can help you best.