Professional Aluminum Head, High Heat, Oven Brushes

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When you are wielding your oven tools, do you think of yourself as a Top Gun?

There is no wood in this brush to char or crack. A special hygienic, heat resistant epoxy makes this the most durable oven brush available. Brass bristles are permanently fused to the aircraft quality aluminum block. It is a 9 3/4 x 1-inch brush head and 1 1/2-inch brush trim. The back of the brush is designed to be used as a scraper.

"Aircraft quality aluminum block"? That's what the manufacturer says! You'll have to find your own wing man, and a pair of aviator sunglasses, but we can sell you this very high-quality brush so that you can be your own brick oven Maverick.

There are less expensive options, if you're on a more austere budget, but the thick, sturdy bristles on this brush and the resistance to heat may provide you a better value in the long run if you're working with a high-heat oven. Wood fired ovens burn above 900°F, and if you're are putting your brushes with wood heads into your oven, and they're coming out on fire, then you might want to invest in these metal headed brushes.

You have choices with reinforced vs standard handles, and between brass or stainless steel bristles. Check with your oven manufacturer to find out what they recommend. Brass tends to be softer than stainless steel, and some hearth surfaces may be worn by the stainless steel.

Made by Braun Brush, right here in the USA.

Options Available:

  • Bristle Type
    • Brass
    • Stainless Steel
  • Handle Type
    • Regular Wood, 48-inches
    • Reinforced Wood, 48-inches
    • Reinforced Wood, 60-inches