GI.METAL Round Perforated Pizza Turning Peel

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Some call it a small round peel, a banjo peel, but we call it a turning peel because this small peel is used for turning the pizza in your wood fired brick oven.

All stainless steel, except for the handle grips. This one is perforated in a sunburst pattern which makes the peel a little lighter and may help let some of the loose stuff (ash, cornmeal, crumbs, etc) under your pizza to fall through as you turn and relocate the pizza in the oven.

It can also be used for removing your breads, sandwiches, or other small items from the oven.

It has a stainless steel head and stainless steel handle with a plastic slide grip. It is well-built and sturdy.

The only moving part is the center grip that slides up and down the handle. There is a specific technique used to actually turn the pizza in place, and it involves tilting the peel from left to right while moving the peel under the pizza in sort of a half-circular motion.

Made in Italy for professionals and enthusiasts with brick ovens.