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Antimo Caputo Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata (Durum Wheat Semolina)

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Antimo Caputo's Semola di Grano Duro Rimacinata, a "reground semolina", is a great choice for making pasta and semolina bread.

It is hard durum wheat, milled using a slow grinding technique which avoids excessive heat that might damage the proteins and starches in the flour.

Through regrinding, it creates a finer flour that yields a dough which is easier to knead. Other brands of Semolina flour are courser than Caputo's.

  • No preservatives or additives.
  • Net weight: 1 kg / ~2.2 lbs per package
  • Humidity: < 15.50 %
  • Product of Naples, Italy

Please note that this is not a 00 flour.