Our New Store

Yes, this is our new online store. We want to make your experience better so we're starting over.

To the customers who bought from our old online store, your accounts could not be transferred over. I'm sorry for whatever confusion that may have caused you. I hope that that the inconvenience is small in creating a new one and recreating your username and password as well as putting in your address.

To all customers, know that more items will be coming online shortly.

Being a small family business, we're sometimes very challenged by the overwhelm, but we have gained a reputation of being friendly and helpful. Internally, we are getting a little better at having more well-defined roles, and hopefully that means increased focus on loading this website up with the rest of the great products that we have.

Any questions, suggestions... please feel free to shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as promptly as we can. Contact info is on our About page.

We really hope that whatever inconveniences are experienced right now will be eclipsed by how great of an experience our store will provide you with over time.