8-inch GHA Round Perforated Pizza Turning Peel - 59-inch Handle

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As part of our very limited supply of GHA (Golden Hard Anodizing) peels, we have this 8-inch turning peel. The sunburst patterned perforations in the peel head and the golden color make this a really attractive peel.

It's primarily used to turn your pizza around in the oven. It's small size and round head is used to lift on sized of the pizza slightly off the surface, and then with a pushing and pulling motion along with a slight rotating of the handle, you can rotate the pizza without pulling it back out of the oven.

You've probably seen the guys in the pizzerias taking a pizza half way out of the oven, and spinning the pizza using one hand to grab the crust and spin it on a larger peel. If they used a turning peel, they wouldn't have to worry about burning their hands by doing it that way.

The turning peel can also be used for removing your breads, sandwiches, or other small items from the oven.

It's GHA head and stainless steel handle with a plastic slide grip, this is Gi.Metal's top-of-the-line turning peel.

Made in Italy