28 x 34 inch, Imported Professional Baker's Flax Linen Couche


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Also, known as a proofing cloth, a baker's couche provides a bed for your loaves to rest in as they rise. Nestled in the folds of the floured linen cloth, your baguettes will hold their shape as they rise.

After they have risen, roll them onto a peel and slide them onto a hot baking stone. You're just minutes away from those the fabulous, crusty, artisan baguettes.

Maintaining your couche is simple: Brush flour off the couche when done. If dough sticks, allow it to dry, then scrape off. There is no need to wash your couche.

The flax linen is made from 100% natural flax fibers, untreated and unbleached. It's heavyweight and stands up on its own. The size gives you a generous amount of linen to work with.

Heavyweight too: 11.75 oz/square yard. A sturdier linen than other similar products.

Imported from France

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